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  • Retirement Planning

    This service is focused on people who are approaching retirement or are already retired. Challenges facing those people in retirement include making sure they don't outlive their money, health issues, protecting assets from a Medicaid spend-down, protection from probate, finding ways of reducing taxes, funeral expenses and passing on their estate.

  • Estate Planning

    It’s important to put a plan in place by using tools, such as trusts and wills, which mainly focuses on protection of assets and elimination of probate. This is done so you can pass on your estate to your beneficiaries in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • Business Planning

    We help businesses find ways to reduce taxes and ensure employee retention by using tools such as executive bonus plans and identifying key employees. We also drive focus on business continuation planning by putting the people and tools in place, such as a buy/sell agreement, in order to ensure an effective continuation of your business while taking care of your family in the process.

  • Tax Reduction Strategies

    By evaluating your personal or business situation through an extensive review, we show you a more effective way of reducing your taxes or increasing your cash flow.

  • Wealth Accumulation & Transfer

    We take assets that you plan on leaving to your beneficiaries, such as family, church, or charities, and create a more effective way of increasing the value of those assets to leave a larger legacy.

  • Asset Protection Strategies

    We create plans that protect your assets from lawsuits, attachments, garnishments, and seizures, as well as protect your assets from needed long-term care or Medicaid spend-down.

  • Life Insurance & Annuities

    We do reviews of existing contracts to help you understand what you have and point out any special benefits or features the contract may have that you may not know about. We also review to make sure you are in the best possible product for your particular planning needs, being aware that needs do change over the years.